September Forever Demo

by Burr

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jake folsom
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jake folsom this demo is gorgeous, and Burr is a stellar local live act as well. highly highly recommended for shoegaze fans and noise nerds. Favorite track: Still Around.
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released September 2, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Burr



all rights reserved


Burr Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Still Around
Crows fly waking with the dawn
Tree branches broke and shat upon
//Easy day//

East coast wind has come and gone
It's time to get a move along
There she goes
Without her clothes

Was a time I was just a girl
Looks like it's frozen in the swirl of time
Is that such a crime

Broken words fall like broken lies
Looks like we've fallen in a pearl of ice
Isn't that nice

Where'd you go
My Texas rose?
Oh how, how I missed you

You went away
On that winters day and I
I really miss you

Was the time
You fell like ice
A sign that you are still around?

Where'd you go
My Texas rose?
Oh how, how I loved you.
Track Name: Big Surf
Here's to our barge
Here's to the large distant waves
All the way

Here's to our friends
Through thick and thin
What a fight
What a damn sight

Cream cheese and lox
Seared flesh and rocks
Only in cape cod summer

Through thickened sun
We had to run
Like a child growing wilder
Track Name: Go Slowly
Go slowly
Go slow
Wade through the gospel